If Your Pool Has Turned Green, We Can Recover It For You. Guaranteed!

Has your pool water turned green, instead of the beautiful blue you usually see? It's not healthy, you know! And it certainly isn't pleasant. Perhaps your pool's muddy, or the water might even be black!

There are lots of ways the water in a swimming pool can be thrown out of balance. Bad weather is one of them. Wrong treatment is another. Sometimes it's just gone like that while you've been away! Don't worry! The Splash's team is here to help.

At Splash's Pools we've been recovering green pools for so long, we've seen just about every pool problem known to mankind. And we've fixed them. Completely! So trust the team at Splash's Pools when you next have a green pool, or a muddy or black pool.

Recovery of a green pool is not an easy process. It can take days or weeks. You risk spending countless hours trying to correct it. And unless you know what you're doing, it can cost a lot of money and still not be right. That's why you need the team at Splash's Pools.

Before and After Pool Clean

Step 1:

We visit you and inspect the pool.

Step 2:

After making our assessment, we will tell you exactly how long it will take to make your pool right, remembering that it could take days or weeks. And exactly how much it will cost you.

Step 3:

We'll take over the recovery of the pool if you accept our offer, and the rest is up to us!

  • We'll expertly determine and personally develop a treatment for your pool's condition
  • We'll carefully calculate the right quantities of the right chemicals
  • We'll tailor the treatment schedule to suit your pool needs
  • We'll visit your pool as often as we need to, according to the schedule, to keep up the right dosage at the right time
  • Then, when the time is right, we'll balance the pool water to standards approved by the NSW Department of Health.

Now, your pool is ready for swimming.

Step 4:

You can keep your pool in pristine condition yourself with help from Splash's Pools. Or leave it all to us and our regular pool maintenance service. Never worry about it again.

Take the headache out of cleaning your green, muddy or black pool. Contact the green pool recovery experts at Splash's Pools. Contact Us Today!