Rebel Mk 2 Pool Cleaner

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Rebel Mk 2 Pool Cleaner

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Pentair Rebel cleaner packs amazing performance into a compact, easy to-use package. Its pre-programmed steering and two-wheel design allows the Rebel cleaner to access hard to-reach corners where debris often hides. Plus, the superior engineering of its turbine and roller skirt assures thorough, uninterrupted cleaning that other cleaners simply cannot match. The Rebel cleaner’s extra-efficient hydraulic design makes it ideal for use with variable-speed pumps at low speed. Installation is a snap—just set it and forget it.

  • Programmed Cleaning Cycle assures complete, thorough pool cleaning coverage
  • Sure Flow Turbine design provides clear passage for dirt and debris, avoiding the clogging that is common with other 2-wheel cleaners
  • Dual-Action Roller Skirt allows Rebel to manoeuvre up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning
  • Advanced Hydraulic Technology makes it ideal for use with variable speed and two-speed pumps at lower speeds
  • Superior cleaning performance in all pool types—PebbleCrete, vinyl, fiberglass and tiled pools
  • Easy to install and maintain


Powerful Cleaning

The Rebel’s Sure-Flow Turbine’s design captures debris—both large and small—for clog free cleaning. And, cleaning out the Rebel is a breeze with the Quick Release Latch, which provides easy top access.

Dual-Action Roller Skirt

The Rebel’s dual-action roller skirt and improved chassis allow it to move up and over obstacles for continuous cleaning. From deep to shallow bottoms, up 90-degree floor-to-wall angles and all the way to the water line, the Rebel get into tight spaces other cleaners miss.

Easy to Operate

With no assembly required, the Rebel cleaner couldn’t be easier to use. Just attach the hoses, and off it goes, attacking dirt and debris! For added safety, it also features a port for dedicated vacuum line installations.



  1. Steady-Grip Tire Traction with new, added tread for outstanding maneuverability in tight spaces
  2. Sure-Flow Turbine design captures large and small debris for clog-free cleaning
  3. Quick-Release Latch allows for fast and easy top access
  4. Dual-action roller skirt maneuvers up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning


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