125FM Pool Roller 6.4

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125FM Pool Roller 6.4

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125FM Pool Roller 6.4

The Daisy Fully Mobile Range is here to offer full mobility around the pool when the blanket is removed. Sitting on Caster wheels, the roller can be situated on decking, paving or concrete surfaces, and easily be relocated once the blanket has been removed.

Suitable for Pools sized up to 6.1m Wide x 18.0m Long.

Each pool roller comes with a free over-cover to protect the Daisy pool cover from UV rays.


10 year Pro-rata Warranty.

Daisy Pool Covers offer a 10 year, pro-rata warranty on its 5 Star Roller Range.

In the unlikely circumstance that you do need to make a warranty claim, we’re here to help you.

For peace of mind, Daisy’s 10 year pro-rata warranty covers the purchaser for defective material or workmanship on a pro-rata basis.



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