Spa Care System Klenz 500ml

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Spa Care System Klenz 500ml

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 Spa Care™ System Klenz 500ML

Drain spa or hot tub and clean internal pipe-work using System Klenz.

System Klenz is a concentrated cleaner for internal pipe-work in Spa Pools, Hot Tubs and Spa Baths. It also removes calcium, grime and organic build up. Whenever draining a spa pool or hot tub we recommend that, prior to doing so, System Klenz is used to ensure that all harboured body fats (including BIO-FILMS) are removed from the pipe work and associated systems.

  • For NORMAL use – treatment should be carried out at least every 12 weeks.
  • For HEAVY use – treatment should be carried out every 6 weeks.
  • Seal spa surface using Polish & Protect.
  • Restore and protect vinyl spa and hot tub covers using Vinyl Restore & Protect.
  • Remove excess foam from water using No More Foam.
  • Fix minor leaks in surface or pipework using Leak Sealer.
  • Lower chlorine levels using Chlorine Corrective.

Important Notes

Spa Care™ System Klenz should be added in accordance with the directions given.


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