Stain Erase It Vinyl

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Stain Erase It Vinyl

Erase It® for Spas & Vinyl Pools by LO-CHLOR CHEMICALS

Lo-Chlor Chemicals (in conjunction with StainEraser, Inc) proudly introduces their new line of cleaning products.

Erase It® offers an alternative cleaning solution from other harsh chemicals. Erase It® products are easy to use, safe and produce instant results.


  • The Erase It® products contain no chemicals.
  • These products will not scratch or gouge the recommended surfaces.
  • They are designed for ease of use by any member of the family.
  • Cleanup is a breeze.

The Erase It® product lines include the following:

Erase It® for Spas & Vinyl Pools

  • Will help restore sun-faded areas to new
  • Will help restore dingy vinyl to new
  • Will not damage vinyl or patterns